Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Japan 'tsunami dog' Ban reunited with owner after surviving at sea

I cannot imagine having to leave my dog Cheyenne behind. Even given the circumstances and the restrictions and the so-called foolishness of bringing along a dog when it could be a person who is saved... even with all that, I can't see how I could do it. The problem is, I don't see myself staying back to be drowned in a tsunami wave, so I guess the solution is to be clever, creative, quick, and possible very verbally or physically persuasive. 

A dog which has been rescued at sea off the coast of Kesennuma, Japan, was reunited with the owner on Monday more than three weeks after being washed away by the killer tsunami triggered by the March 11 earthquake. Japanese broadcaster NTV aired images of the reunion with the woman hugging Ban and the dog warmly wagging her tail. The dog was rescued on Friday after being found drifting on a roof.

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