Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cheyenne, the mighty duck hunter

Ducks come to our back yard every year. Cheyenne has Duck Duty.

This is best viewed full screen. It was filmed at 720p. (1280 x 720)


  1. Great video. Loved the graphics. Good exercise for Cheyenne. What will you do when he catches one? Do the ducks poop in the pool? Hope they don't bring back all their kids when they hatch. What a mess. Cheyenne looks like he was asking you why you were taking a movie instead of helping him get rid of them. He had a look of, "Hay, mom! What's the deal? You want them in our pool messing up everything? You know they'll just be doing things in there you won't like. Feathers, poop, mucking up the water where we swim. Help me get them out."

  2. Hi Searcher.....
    Actually Cheyenne is a female yellow lab. I am torn between the charm of the ducks and the mess they leave on the edges of the pool. :-) :-) --Wayward