Saturday, March 12, 2011

Puppy Cheyenne Takes A Cue From The Older Cat

Sat, Mar 12, 2011   04:10 PM  PST

The Wayward Videocam catches a lot of sweet moments with Cheyenne, my yellow lab and Bandit, my tuxedo cat (R.I.P.)

This looks best on Full Screen.


  1. Nice little blog, Lorna. Love the video. My youngest daughter was born on Jan 4th of 2009. I tell you this to tell you that my dog of over a decade died just before Christmas while my wife and I were out of state. It hurt that I could not be there to comfort him in his last hours. He died of a heart attack and was in a lot of pain.

    Hang on, I am getting to the birthday of my daughter part -

    Two weeks ago, my wife surprises me with a puppy that was born on Jan 4th of this year. The last thing I wanted was another dog, but my wife knew two things.

    1. It would do me good to have another little buddy running around the house. (I named him Buddy)

    2. I could not say no to a dog that shares a birthday with my sweet darling daughter, Kaylee.

    Your pup following that cat around reminds me of Buddy trying to keep up with our cats who look down their noses at him, having little to nothing to do with him. But that doesn't deter Buddy - he just keeps attacking their tails! LOL

  2. Don, I hope you send a picture of the doggie. I loved the pix of your little Kaylee. :-) So so cute. -Wayward.